Yellow teeth to white teeth

Most people love to look at people who have dazzling white teeth and smile. These admirers are normally persons who are experiencing a teeth discoloration problem that make them wonder if they can ever smile beautifully.

If you are having similar problems, it is possible for you to change yellow teeth to white teeth and have a white and lovely smile by getting rid of hard-to-remove stains from the teeth. The teeth may be stained from various substances such as tobacco, prescription drug and even food. Changing lifestyle habits can greatly help in this process.

How to Move From Yellow Teeth to White Teeth?

Baking Soda – Add water to some baking powder and use it to brush the teeth thoroughly (all sides, top and bottom), preferably with an electric or sonic toothbrush. Hard brushing is not required. A dentist will be able to tell you which areas are not getting any or much attention.

Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse – Mix together in a glass container two-thirds cup of water with one-third hydrogen peroxide solution (3%) which is available at any drug store. Rinse out the mouth daily with the mixture. In addition to preventing and removing stains, the hydrogen peroxide will keep the mouth germ-free.

Dentist Visits – The teeth should be examined and cleaned every six months by a dentist. Persons experiencing a buildup of plaque should see a dentist more often than the regular. Learning how to transform yellow teeth to white teeth will aid you in getting an amazing smile.

Eliminating Particular Foods – Foods known to stain teeth should be avoided. These foods either artificially or naturally contain heavy colouring like tea, coffee, turmeric, red wine, purple grape juice, blueberries among others. Some of these foods as nutritious and should be eaten but you have to ensure that your teeth is brushed thoroughly following the consumption of these drinks or foods.

Stop Smoking – In addition to staining the teeth in a yellow colour, smoking is seriously dangerous to the body. Persons who smoke usually get the darkest yellow tint of all stained teeth. If the person decides to continue smoking, he or she may try toothpaste designed specifically for smokers and use it in combination of the other methods mentioned. For best results however, it is highly recommended that smoking is avoided.

For persons who require additional information regarding transforming yellow teeth to white teeth, it is advised that they do some research on their own as well as visit the dentist and follow whatever is recommended. This will allow you to have the great smile that you deserve.