Why my teeth are yellow?

Although everyone delights in having white teeth, this sparkle is often lost due to a number of reasons. In most cases people whose teeth have turned yellow will think of bleaching at the first instance of discovery. However, the first thing to do when you discover that your teeth are yellow is find out the real cause behind it. Some of the possible causes of the yellowing of teeth include excessive consumption of certain foods and beverages like soda, coffee, tea and berries. That is, when consumed on a daily basis, these beverages often contribute to the yellowing of teeth. Your teeth may also turn yellow due to smoking.

Also, a large number of smokers always have yellow teeth. The other cause of yellowing of teeth is poor dental care. This may include poor brushing that leaves particles of food as well as the formation of stains on the teeth enamel. Accidents could also result in the yellowing if teeth especially where the root canal is affected or the nerves are unhealthy. Children are also bound to have yellow teeth because their enamel is in its development stages thus exposing them to yellowing.

The other reason for the yellowing of teeth is age. That is, the yellowing of teeth is usually associated with the growing older. Unfortunately, the stains that come about as a result of age are usually difficult to remove using some of the commonly used methods such as regular flossing and brushing because the stains have gone beyond the surface of the teeth. In such cases not even the whitening toothpaste can save the situation. Even then, the teeth often remain strong.

So what should you do after identifying the cause of teeth yellowing? For some people the thought of having yellow teeth affects their self esteem so that they gradually withdraw from the social scene. Others will avoid smiling and if they do they will they will ensure that they do not expose their teeth. Now this can be quite disturbing but the next best move is to ensure that you stop further yellowing of your teeth. This could be through brushing regularly especially after taking meals as well as those beverages that contribute to the yellowing of teeth. This is crucial as it ensures that your enamel is not exposed to those possible stain causing agents for a long time. Smokers who want to maintain white teeth may have no choice but quite.

Lastly, you can go ahead and try the home remedies for teeth whitening to restore the original color of your teeth or seek the help of a dentist on the same. The use of teeth whitening toothpaste is also encouraged. In conclusion, there are a number of teeth whitening options just as there are numerous causes of the yellowing of teeth. However the most important thing to do is ensure that you identify the cause of yellowing as it will go a long way in determining corrective measures as well as prevent further yellowing.