Why do my teeth hurt a simple question with answers?

Generally, toothache or tooth pain may be caused by taking hot or cold drinks, an injury or other various dental situations. Sometimes, the pain may also create from around the jaw. The seriousness of tooth pain varies from severe to mild. If you are shocking why my tooth hurts so strongly, you should visit a dentist to find out the cause of this tooth pain and the top way to treat it.

Tooth Cavity

A dental cavity is easily a structural hole or damage in a tooth. The bacteria in the mouth consume the sugars and starch from food lodged between teeth. This produces certain acid that corrodes the teeth enamel gradually which eventually leaves a hole in the tooth. If this hole gets the pulp cavity, the nerves will be naked, leading to teeth pain and sensitivity.

Pulp inflammation

This situation is also known as pulpits. It is a situation whereby the middle part of the tooth, called as the pulp, becomes swollen and irritated. This inflammation raises the force within the tooth, launches it on tooth tissues and causes to tooth pain. The severity of this situation varies from mild to high. If you are suffering from this situation, it is important that you seek medical focus to ease the pain and treat the condition.

Dental Abscess

Dental abscess is a situation where tooth pulp is infected due to bacterial issue. This infection then try to drain via the root tips of the tooth. This will lead inflation of tissues and pain with time. In most cases, this infection is simple to see via a dental x-ray.

Cracked tooth

With the passing of time, teeth may be weakened due to force caused by chewing and biting of food. Biting on solid food, such as ice and popcorn kernel, may also lead the teeth to crack. Some of the symptoms of cracked tooth contain: chewing foods and pain when biting, sensitivity of teeth to cold, sweet, sour or hot drinks and foods. Treatment for this situation varies depending on the severity, location and direction of the crack.

Gum Disease

Gingivitis and Periodontists are some most general dental infections. These diseases affect the gums that hold the teeth in location leading to gum deterioration. The gums become removed from the teeth that attract the buildup of bacteria. Then the root of the teeth is naked, vulnerable to sore and decay.

Sensitivity of Tooth

The toothache may also be leaded by tooth sensitivity to hot or cold air, drinks and food. If your teeth are sensitive, you will experience fast pain when your teeth come into link with such items. To combat this, your dentist may suggest you to brush your teeth with unique toothpastes, such as Sensodyne, which are specially made for sensitive teeth. Alternatively, the dentist may use fluoride to teeth to decrease sensitivity. Regardless of the severity, you should inform your dentist whenever your experience dental sensitivity.