Why are my teeth yellow?

The yellowish appearance that normally occurs with age makes a lot of persons extremely worried. Most of these people are not aware that there are many ways to avoid the yellow colour from appearing on the teeth. In addition to preventative methods, there are several methods of bringing back the white to the teeth to create that dazzling smile that everybody craves.

The four tissues of the teeth are described here. The tooth enamel: a white strong covering that defend the teeth from the erosion resulting from food chewing. The enamel is supported by the dentin: a yellow, bone-like, solid material that transmits the teeth nerves. The center of a tooth is the pulp: holds blood, lymph and nerves and is where the tooth gets its nourishment and sends brain signals. The last tissue is the cementum: serves as a covering for the root of teeth. It fastens the teeth to the jawbones.

The yellow appearance of the teeth mainly occurs when persons smoke or consume food or drink resulting in a film layer developing on the tooth. Persons who brush often will still notice that some amount of film remain. Regular dentist visits and tooth whitening toothpaste can aid in eliminating additional film. When all this is done, some film will remain and this erodes the enamel which gives the teeth its white colour. When the enamel gets thin, the dentin begins to emerge making the teeth appear yellow. Discolouration can also be as a result of aging and tooth decay – one of the main reasons for discolouration.

The yellow teeth issues that younger people experience are more likely to be caused by staining rather that the enamel thinning out. Staining may occur on either side of the tooth. The stain on the inside usually appear during childhood when the teeth are developing and may be caused from medications given as a young child. Outside stains could be as a result of consuming lots of coffee, red wine and several kinds of foods as well as smoking. Chromogenic agents found in berries, sodas and teas can stain the teeth. Certain adult medications like minocycline (used for treating facial skin problems) may cause staining. Even though fluoride is considered healthy for your teeth, as with several things, when fluoride is used extensively, white chalky spots may appear and generally do more damage than good.

The teeth can be whitened in several ways. However, it is recommended that care is taken in the products selected for use and also how the whitening process is done. The most frequent way to whiten the teeth is to visit the dentist and have him or her do it.