What are the main causes of yellow teeth?

Yellow teeth is not only embarrassing, it also hampers your psyche when you are about to smile. So, it is very important to keep white teeth. So, study about the causes of yellow teeth is important.

How one gets yellow teeth?

There are a lot of reasons behind yellow teeth. Let us study a few of them. Also the very first thing to do before treating yellow teeth is to obtain the cause of it. Otherwise, the tooth product may not prove effective or would not give the best result. The best way to learn about how teeth got discoloured is to consult a dentist to get proper professional approach. The very common reasons behind teeth discoloration are:

Natural: Some have a few teeth which are naturally yellow in colour. This is not a defect however individual yellow teeth are confined to only a few people. These teeth are yellow only for a few particular reasons. The enamel, which is the outermost covering, is white. However, dentin, the layer just below the enamel is naturally yellow. If the outermost layer is not well full of minerals, then it appears to be partially transparent. So, the dentin is highly visible and altogether the teeth appear yellow. The biggest problem is that one can’t whiten this type of yellow teeth.

Aging effects: Sometimes teeth naturally get yellow with age. Even regular brushing and flossing can’t help the situation and strains easily seep past the white outer protection and decolorize the enamel. Toothpaste and brushing cannot reach into the inner layers so, no matter how strong and solid the teeth are, they aren’t white. So, you are not able to produce your best smile.

Food and beverages: Food decolouration is also a result of consumption of various drinks and food stuffs. Food habits like tobacco consumption, beetle leaf chewing, excessive soda drinking ads to the black colour of the teeth.

Accidents: Sometimes, because of a certain accident a single or a very few tooth may get black or a tooth canal may get affected. Because of this unhealthy nerve, other teeth also get affected. In such cases, simple whitening of the teeth is not helpful and the nerve is to be cured. Artificial whitening can however temporarily solve the problem, but for a permanent cure, a surgery may be required.

Formative years: The years till one reaches the age of eight is vital. This is when the enamel is highly prone to get yellowish. Due to various chemical agents and antibiotics, the enamel is affected and teeth can gain stains which are yellowish brown or greyish in colour. Also, intake of fluorides can also damage the whiteness of the teeth. It leads to fluoridise, which leaves chalky white patches in the teeth. This can be avoided by regular brushing and flossing of the teeth.

However, there are many ways by which one can get rid of yellow teeth. Brushing and proper diet also affects the colour of the teeth. There are whitening mouthwash, whitening pastes and bleaching powder available to solve the problem of yellow teeth. One should always consult a professional for this.