What are the best methods of teeth whitening?

The subject of teeth whitening as a whole has seen an increase in popularity in the last five years or so. Surely, in the past couple years there has been a business open up that offers teeth whitening services. We figured we would provide you with some background on the different methods of teeth whitening that are available to you. Hopefully in outlining them it will help you decide which teeth whitening method fits your situation best.

Have a Professional Bleach Them

This method of teeth whitening is done through multiple visits to your dentist. It involves a dentist actually applying a bleach agent to your teeth. This is not a long procedure by any means and will usually require at least two visits that are less than an hour in nature. The whitening bleach will normally be applied a rubber mouth piece that will need to be in your mouth a specific number of minutes in order to be a success.

Bleach Them Yourself At Home

Maybe you do not have dental insurance or just simply do not like going to the dentist. In these cases you still have methods of teeth whitening options at your disposal. You can choose to whiten them yourself. You will have to buy an approved teeth whitening kit from a pharmacy or directly from a dentist. You will then on your own put the bleach on the mouthpiece in the proper dosage amount and do exactly what the dentist does. It is recommended that you have someone help you if it is your first time applying the whitening yourself. We highly recommend though seeing a professional to have this done when at all possible.

These two methods of teeth whitening will both work the same if done properly. If you choose to complete the whitening process on yourself please pay close attention to the directions and apply as instructed. If you go to a dentist you just need to sit back and eventually enjoy the end result of perfectly white teeth.

There is much debate as to which are the best teeth whitening methods. In the past couple of years different options have emerged for people looking to get this procedure done. You can bleach them yourself at home or you can buy that extra strength whitening tooth past that is constantly advertised on TV. All of which will work if done properly, but there is one way to achieve the maximum results you wants from teeth whitening. That is to simply leave the work to the professionals and let your dentist take care of it.

Why go through the hassle of any other option when you can just go to a professional and get it done right. We have this mentality for other decisions we make in life so why should teeth whitening be any different? In what will take two short trips to the dentist you can have him or her apply the bleach, insert the mouthpiece, take it out, and clean your mouth afterwards all in one process. Why complicate things by doing it yourself and why risk the fact that the toothpastes you by won’t work? You should definitely question any service that proclaims themselves as the “best of the teeth whitening methods.” Odds are these independent companies are not made up of doctors at all and are essentially just hacks looking to make a buck. The dentist is someone who knows your dental history which is a big benefit when performing a procedure like this.

Just like you would be critical of anyone else that will be potentially providing any service for you treat your teeth whitening decision process with the same mentality. We think if you do you will see that of the so called “best teeth whitening methods” that going to see a traditional dentist makes the most sense.