The common practice and natural methods of teeth whitening at home

Teeth are an essential part of the human body. It should be cared and maintained properly on a daily basis. There are plenty of requirements and needs so as to why teeth should be cleaned and maintained regularly. Teeth whitening is a process that continues over the years and do not arise all of a sudden out of a 1 day practice result. It is the teeth whitening practicing methods over the years that allow one to achieve the desired clean end whitened germ free teeth. When a baby is born it usually carries off no teeth from the fetal stage and gradually starts to develop their loose and cute milk teeth. Here milk teeth is referred as the teeth fall off up to 12 years of age and these secondary teeth sets are replaced by fresh and permanent strong teeth set. But teeth clearing process should start right from the scratch when the baby has developed its loose milk teeth so as to obtain a strong gum and germ free teeth and maintain its quality. The more the stronger teeth the more is its longevity and prevention from diseases and pain. Teeth whitening are required to maintain a complete set of teeth right up to an old age and to remain free from diseases and pain that comes along with the diseases. It helps an old aged to have eatables of his/her desire if the teeth set remain intact and the gums remain strong. This can only be achieved by teeth whitening and clearing regularly.

Natural methods and processes of teeth whitening

It is believed that natural teeth whitening methods have started even before the industrial revolution. The old age people used to clear their teeth by using medicated natural plant’s leaves and tree branch and trunk pieces and powder. There are plenty of natural processes that can be used at home to clear the teeth sparingly, as too much use can damage the teeth and along with it can have an effect over health and body. The most common methods include the use of fruits. Fruits like strawberry and lemon should be chewed regularly and properly as it makes the gums stronger and teeth clearer. The age old method of drinking plenty and lots of water as it avoids the staining and keep the teeth more hydrated throughout the day. Brushing the teeth regularly and in proper time is also a method that can be practiced to get clear teeth. Smoking and drinking alcohol are such habits that should be avoided as the cigarettes contain nicotine and nicotine deposits in the teeth makes the enamel weaker and the whitening effect is lost and drinking also causes stain which weakens the teeth gums. So such kinds of bad habits should be avoided. Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda mixed with glycerin is also a method of obtaining a whitening and germ free teeth naturally. But care should be taken and baking soda should be utilized in a proper method so that it does not have any side effects.

Teeth whitening methods at home

Teeth whitening practice at home is an age old process that has its roots dated back to many centuries ago when people gradually started its transformation from the primitive age to the modern times. First they were unknown to all these good habits but gradually and slowly it started developing various habits at home that can be used to maintain their teeth properly. It is a process that is taught to us at the very beginning stage of our life process by our elders so that we learn the good healthy habits and become a clean and healthy human being in the future. This practice has no notable shortcuts and the only way is to practice it more and more. The more the number of times we brush our teeth properly the more whitened teeth is obtained. It is a regular process and cannot be left over as a task that can be done the next day. At home it is the best way to brush three times a day. First time in the early morning just after waking up from the bed a thorough brushing of teeth is required. At this time the teeth engulfs all the left over and the saliva the whole night and it becomes the first priority to wash and clear the teeth to avoid the gums becoming weaker and avoid the foul smell, to ensure a fresher , healthier and clearer breath. Teeth at this time should be rigorously brushed off with a good quality tooth paste.

The noon time specially after having the lunch the teeth should be brushed off properly to get rid of the germs and the small pieces of foods that get stuck in between the teeth. These food pieces can make the teeth weaker and cause pain and health problems. So brushing should be done properly to avoid this kind of problems. The night time of the whole day after the dinner is an ideal time to brush the teeth with care and time so as to remove the germs and dirt that has been acquiring inside the teeth the whole day. This habit of brushing in the late night time after all the day work and washing it properly with clear fresh water helps to get a more stronger and whitened teeth. These habits at home are really helpful and worthy if practiced regularly and properly.

Most commercial tooth pastes come with the combination of baking soda with glycerin but these pastes should be chosen carefully so that its side effects do not cause any teeth and health problems. Chewing gums are a good way to ensure a stronger gum and whitened teeth and should be chewed for certain time intervals in a day to make it a habit. Cosmetic procedures performed by oral dentists are safe and quick way to obtain a whitened teeth but it is expensive and requires a lot of maintenance at home. So regular brushing is necessary to keep cavities and teeth related problems away.