Teeth names and locations guide to communicate value

An adult human being has thirty two teeth and all these have their names which are given based on their class, set, arch, side and type. There are 2 set of teeth in human beings, one set is initial or baby teeth and actual or adult teeth. The set of teeth that changes initial teeth are known as succedaneous. Teeth names are also given depending on the tooth arch is found in; maxillary is the title given to the teeth in the mandibular and upper jaw to those in the lower jaw.

human teeth names and location

There are 4 classes of teeth namely: wisdom, premolars, canines, incisors teeth. Children teeth otherwise called as deciduous teeth also have the same titles except wisdom teeth which generally come out at the age of 18. The upper teeth of the adult have the following titles: canine, lateral incisors, central incisors, primary premolar (primary bicuspid), 2nd premolar (2nd bicuspid), primary molar, 2nd molar, 3rd molar. The lower teeth have of 3rd molar, 1st molar, 2nd premolar, canine, lateral incisor, canine, and nuclear incisors. Further, baby teeth have their names which have the following upper teeth: canine, lateral incisors, central incisors, 1st molar and 2nd molar. The lower teeth names are: 1st molar, 2nd molar, central incisors and lateral incisor.

Teeth names by location

Teeth names places are in each quadrant of the mouth. Each of the quadrants has eight actual teeth namely: two incisors, one cuspid, two bicuspids, and three molars. The middle incisor is placed on the side of the middle because it is centrally located in the arch. Beside the middle incisor is the lateral incisor. It is tracked by the cuspid and 2 biscuspid (the 1st and the 2nd bicuspid. The last 3 molars tracked the 2nd bicuspid. Also, teeth are placed by referring to them as either posterior or anterior. The anterior teeth are placed in the face of the mouth (the cuspids and incisors). They are also able to be seen when a person smiles. On the other hand, the posterior teeth are placed at the mouth back (molars and bicuspids).

Teeth names in English

Dentists have assigned each tooth with name hence, teeth titles in English. Cuspids are identical with canines while bicuspids are also called as premolars. 6 year molar is also known as actual molar. The 12 year molar is used synonymously with 2nd actual molar while the wisdom teeth (so known as because of their end eruption) are known as 3rd molars. The teeth in the face of the mouth such as lateral incisors, incisors and canines are known as anterior teeth. Posterior teeth contain of teeth placed in the mouth back and they are called as molars and premolars. The mandibular is the title given to the teeth in the lower jaw, while maxillary is the name of group teeth in the upper jaw.

Teeth names in human mouth

Teeth titles in mouth of human are offered according to their anatomic number, letter or shape. Their titles should be recognized completely to reject confusion and to facilitate standard dental care (for example, first mandibular and second molar).