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Wisdom teeth removal is often important when the wisdom teeth begin to come through sideways, become trapped or only incompletely erupt through the gum. All of these reasons can cause inflammation, pain, swelling and infection. As most people’s wisdom teeth don’t begin come in until the teenage years, there is often no enough area left in the mouth for them to grow correctly. That’s when your dentist advises extraction. Symptoms of wisdom tooth impaction can be varied including loosening, swelling of the gum near the impaction, inability to completely open the mouth, not capable to chew food perfectly, bad breath, bad taste and aching gums.

If you become affected by any of these signs it is excellent to reject eating sweet, hard or sticky foods as these will only make the issue bad. Try gargling with a mouth to wash to help get rid of dirty breath, and as a normal rule always discuss with your dentist.

Wisdom teeth removal needs oral surgery which means it should be carried out by an expert oral surgeon. Once a patient is anesthetized the gum tissue neighboring and above the wisdom tooth, plus area of the jaw bone which is covering the tooth, is cut. The tissue linking the bone and tooth are then split and the wisdom tooth deleted.

After the procedure you may experience some swelling or bleeding. Cotton wool gauze over the affect place and an ice pack to decrease the swelling may be all that is required. Anyway, if these symptoms persist then you should discuss with your dentist.

For post root canal care, be alert about what you eat to avoid breaking open the stitches. Try to use mostly liquid meals such as sauces and soaps, or very light meals such as mashed potatoes or scrambled eggs which do not need chewing.

Your dentist might advise Jell-O, ice cream, cold yogurts and puddings which are remarkable after surgery and will support to keep the swelling down and make your mouth feel more relaxed while permitting your mouth to heal more fast.

The cost of wisdom teeth removal will depend on a range of factors. Without X-rays, consultation, and insurance can be around $300, and the removal of tooth can amount to $1,600.

The above figures are just estimated and will vary depending upon the surgery involved. The American Dental Association has made a series of codes which favor to dental procedures. Each medical situation is given a code number and this can support a patient determine the likely cost of the procedure advised by their dentist.

Wisdom tooth can be buried, impacted or erupted. Erupted wisdom tooth can be simply deleted via extraction though in some cases you need surgery to delete them. Impact wisdom tooth more often than not needs surgical removal and all buried wisdom tooth requires surgery to delete them! The association degree of impaction will decide the difficulty of removal and more harder it is higher of possibilities of numbness of the chin, lip and tongue on the side of the wisdom tooth being deleted.



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