Human teeth names and numbers guide to communicating value

Have you struggled reading your dental cure plan from your local dentist? Sometimes, it looks like a hard table from a college statistics book. Surveys present that most patients have problem understanding one of the most important documents that they are likely to encounter in the course of treatment – their dentist cure plan. The cure plans are showed based on abbreviated procedures names and ADA codes, not it layman terms you can know. Unless someone in the clinic describes it thoroughly, it is an effort. We want to support you take charge of your own dental care. So let’s begin at the human teeth names and numbers.

Human Teeth Numbers

Most of us understand teeth based on names, such as wisdom, incisors, or molar tooth. At the dental clinic, human teeth are known as by their numbers.

As an instance, teeth numbers 32, 17, 16 and 1 are your wisdom teeth. Teeth numbers 15 and 14 are your upper left molars. If you are getting cosmetic dentistry using veneers, you generally want to improve the most visible part, teeth numbers six – eleven on the upper and 26-22 on the lower. For film fans, vampires can spread their eye (canines): 27, 22, 11, and 6.

Teeth Numbers and Names

Upper Right Quadrant

  • 1 Wisdom Tooth (Third Molar)
  • 2 Molar (Second Molar)
  • 3 Molar (First Molar)
  • 4 Bicuspid (Second)
  • Bicuspid (First)
  • Canine (Cuspid/Eye tooth)
    Incisor (Lateral)
  • Incisor (Central)

Upper Left Quadrant

  • 16 Wisdom Tooth (Third Molar)
  • 15 Molar (Second)
  • 14 Molar (First)
  • 13 Bicuspid (second)
  • 12 Bicuspid (First)
  • 11Canine
  • 10 incisors (Lateral)
  • 9 incisors (Central)

Lower Right Quadrant

  • 25 incisors (Central)
  • 26 incisors (Lateral)
  • 27 Canine (Cuspid/Eye tooth)
  • 28 Bicuspid (First)
  • 29 Bicuspid (Second)
  • 30 Molar (First Molar)
  • 31 Molar (Second Molar)
  • 32 Wisdom Tooth (Third Molar)

Lower left Quadrant

  • 24 Incisors (Central)
  • 23 Incisors (Lateral)
  • 22 Canine (Cuspid/Eye tooth)
  • 21 Bicuspid (First)
  • 20 Bicuspid (Second)
  • 19 Molar (First Molar)
  • 18 Molar (Second Molar)
  • 17 Wisdom Tooth (Third Molar)

Human Teeth names and positions

Teeth name position in the mouth makes it simple for the dentists to check them for treatment. The shapes of the teeth support in positioning them. Teeth are provided names by the positions they live in the mouth. Each of these teeth is either located in the upper jaw or lower jaw. Those who are in the lower jaw are called as mandibular and those in the upper jaw are known as maxillary. Also, the face side (left or right i.e.) the teeth are located determines their names. The maxillary incisors are located from both mesially from both maxillary canines and maxillary central incisors of the mouth. Mandibular central incisor is placed in the jaw adjacent to the central line of the face. The mandibular lateral incisor is located distally from both mesially from mandibular canine and madibular central incisor. The mandibular and maxillary canines are located 3 teeth from the central line and they separate the premolar from the incisors. The maxillary canines are put laterally away from mesially and lateral incisors from maxillary first premolar.