How to help your baby go through teething?

Teething is connected with a series of unpleasant and painful symptoms. Fortunately, there are safe and effective remedies to help your baby. The most popular one is giving the baby cooled teething rings, to which we have devoted a separate article, however, this is not the only method. Among those used by many parents and recommended by doctors, the most recommendable teething remedies are listed bellow.

baby teething

Massage of the gums

When your baby has first symptoms of teething, like itching or aching gums, he tries to help himself by inserting various things to his mouth. Try a gentle massage of the gums in order to give your baby some relief. Before starting it, of course, wash your hands thoroughly. Then you need to carefully place your forefinger in your baby’s mouth and try to massage the gums slowly. You can apply a little analgesic gel intended specifically for teething babies or a special massaging overlay.
In the beginning, your baby may defend himself against your touch, which gives him an additional pain, but when the massage starts to become effective and the soreness begins to subside, the baby will definitely give in to it. If, however, the baby is very dissatisfied, you must not force him to undergo the massage. Some children simply do not like it or it does not brings them any relief. In such case, you must use other counter-measures.
An effective way to perform a massage of the gums is to put ice cubes in a clean soft cloth or nappy. Such cooling massage will help your baby quickly in moments of pain. However, you must not touch directly the baby’s skin or gums with the ice! This may lead to a serious frostbite.
You can also massage the child’s gums and cheek from the outside. To make this type of massage more fun, you can spread some olive on your fingers. It is a good thing to observe what kind and intensity of a massage gives your child relief and you should proceed in this very way.

Something cold to drink.

In a period directly preceding cutting of the first teeth, your baby may feel reluctance to drink warm milk from the bottle. In such a situation, try giving him slightly cooled drinks. Cool tea or water soothes the tumid and aching gums, so it is a good idea to give him such beverages, for example, when the child has no appetite, or suffers from diarrhoea. In addition, this prevents dehydration. Of course, you must absolutely remember not to give your child a drink that is taken straight from the refrigerator.

Something cool to eat.

Also cool food will give your baby relief. You can give your baby, for example, a chilled dessert in the form of fruit from a jar or hand him a piece of a cooled apple. If you decide to give your child solid food for biting, you must not take your eye off the baby so that he does not choke. Many mums also use a method that has been very popular for years, i.e. giving the child crust to chew, but you can do this only if your child is over 10 months old.