How to get rid of yellow teeth?

Some people have yellow teeth. Most of the time, yellow teeth make a person feel embarrassing. Also, it has some effect on the mind and a person cannot smile readily. So, one has to get rid of the undesired colouration. For proper treatment of yellow teeth, it is important to know the cause of it. Without proper knowledge of the cause one cannot forego suitable treatment. Also, the treatment received will not be of much use. First, let us study the causes of yellow teeth. The common causes are highlighted below.

Sometimes, yellow teeth occur naturally. This is because of the yellow colour of the dentin and the upper enamel is partially transparent due demineralization. This cannot be cured by common whitening methods. Another common reason is aging. Aging also causes yellow colouration of the teeth. Another cause is improper oral hygiene. Not brushing teeth regularly, consumption of soda and fat containing food. Tobacco and beetle leaf chewing also makes the teeth black. Some people also have yellow teeth since childhood. This is because at the age below 8, the enamel is still weak and prone to various strains. So, sometimes the teeth develop a yellow coating due to fluoride intake. However this can be avoided by regular brushing and flossing of teeth.

Different techniques of yellow teeth whitening

Nowadays various techniques are used to whiten yellow teeth. To avoid getting yellow teeth:

Regular brushing can be done: It is advised that one needs to brush at least 2-3 times a day. Brushing is the best aid one can get against yellow teeth. This makes sure the food is not in contact with the teeth avoiding the damage due to bacteria.

Proper diet habits: The hygiene one follows also affects the teeth a lot. High intake of tobacco, tea, coffee is not preferable. So, one should avoid these habits as much as possible.

Yellow teeth treatment

Usage of whitening mouthwash: Whitening mouthwash should be taken and rinsed well in mouth. This not only helps to make the teeth whiter but also to kill the bacteria present.

White pastes: Commercially, a lot of pastes are available in the market. These are used to remove the outer layer of unwanted colour off the teeth. Fairly cheap and good quality pastes are also found. However, one should always consult a dentist before applying any such pastes.

Bleaching teeth: Bleaching is the traditional treatment for whitening yellow teeth. One should perform this only under the guidance of a professional. The teeth are subjected to hydrogen peroxide. This operation is held for about an hour and the effect remains for years. Also, teeth whitening strips and trays are available.

Porcelain dental veneers: These are of very high price. These can be put on the entire jaw and its effect remains for 15-20 years. This is a very effective treatment. However the side effects are high.

Blue light teeth whitening method: This is another method of whitening of teeth. Here, the teeth are subjected to high intensity laser beam and hydrogen peroxide.