How much does it cost to get your teeth whitened?

Teeth Whitening: How much does it cost?

Are you looking for professional help or in-home treatments to whiten your teeth?

Well, you’re not alone. There are tens of thousands out there who are looking to brighten their smile. However, most of them (including you) aren’t aware of the amount they need to shell out for getting their teeth stained-free.

So, without wasting any time further, let’s quickly take a dig at expenses you’ll incur in in-office as well as in-home whitening treatments:

In-office whitening treatments

Whether it is some professional teeth whitening procedure or laser whitening or an in-office deep bleaching, a dentist can charge you anything between $400.00 and $900.00 for a single bleaching session.

Additional information about professional treatments

  1. The amount that a dentist charges basically includes treatment cost of both upper and lower teeth.

In order to avoid any guesswork, it’s advisable that you cross-check with the dentist before finally going for the teeth whitening. While doctor may only limit the procedure to 6 to 8 teeth on each jaw, it won’t help you if you have a big smile. Perhaps, it would look odd having few teeth whitening and few stained.

  1. If you have severely stained teeth, it’s likely that you’ll require more than one session to get the level of whiteness you are seeking.
  2. While using laser treatments comes at a premium, not including a laser or bleaching light in the therapy can certainly save you big on teeth whitening cost. Actually, these lights are quite costly and therefore dentist charge extra for employing them.

However, the research puts it: “Though it impresses patients, the use of a bleaching or laser light has no added advantage”.

  1. Lastly, a few dental consultants advice carrying out in-office sessions along with at-home whitening treatments. But, again it comes at a premium.

At-home whitening treatments

When professional treatments seem out of sight for people, they can certainly prefer to bleach their teeth using at-home tray-based system they’ve been allotted by their dentists. And, these in-home systems cost somewhere between $175.00 and $425.00 per jaw.

Additional Information about at-home treatments

  1. The charges quoted above are per jaw so either it will cover your top teeth or bottom teeth. Needless to say, bleaching both the arches would cost double the charges shown above.
  2. If you are looking to save a bit, you can always select to whiten a single arch, preferably the upper teeth. As the upper teeth expose more, selecting this option is quite common. And, you can treat your lower arch later when your budget allows.
  3. If your teeth are intensely discolored and have severe yellow tinge, there are high possibilities of your dentist using a high end tooth staining procedure. Apparently, that would carry a much higher price than a normal fee. Besides, lengthy procedures need larger quantities of whitener and more sittings with your doctor.

So, regardless of any procedure you take, its best you check with the doctor the exact cost of getting your teeth whitened on both arches.