Common causes of yellow teeth that you need to know

All of us are born with healthy white teeth that are strong and healthy, but at one point or another in our lives some people begin to develop yellow teeth. This is usually an indication of improper teeth maintenance which could be caused by a whole range of factors some of which are discussed in this article. One main cause of this predicament is taking water which is rich in fluoride compounds. Why are my teeth yellow? Read to find out more

This particular substance has the effect of corroding ones enamel such that ultimately the individual can suffer from weak and stained teeth. Another common cause of this sad predicament is when food particles dislodge onto the person’s teeth and are left there to rot particularly when one fails to brush teeth for extensive periods of time. There are varied means by which one could ultimately deal with the issue of why are my teeth yellow and some of them are discussed as below.

A)  Whitening toothpaste. This compound on standard contains some essential chemical based abrasive which operates to get rid of stains that could found on surface region of your teeth. In a nutshell these whitening compounds are advised for persons with standard minimum stains on their enamel. Remember that using this particular solution for extensive durations could result in wearing off the enamel region. These particular components are sold at various stores in terms of simple OTC based solution components.

B) Paying some visit to an appropriate cosmetic dentistry store. There are numerous professional dentists in the current society who offer their clients varied in-office based teeth whitening procedures to cater for their problem of why are my teeth yellow. These particular solutions are principally concentrated with bleaching components and are in most cases applied by direct means onto the person’s teeth.   This particular method of utility is employed so as to bleach off all manner of stains off an individual’s teeth. They are sufficiently aggressive and also costly means of utility that primarily rely upon laser construction or UV lighting for actual treatment of those who are suffering from the predicament of yellow/stained teeth. Paying visit to an authorized dentist is considered the promptest means by which these stains may be removed for the common cause. In many cases drastic improvements shall be witnessed by the person only after some few weeks of treatment. But this treatment is generally costly and can average at around 1000-2000USD.

Yet another significant option for why are my teeth yellow is the residential teeth cleaning kit. These components generally employ bleaching agents for utility sake and are also offered with standard mouth guard features.