Causes and treatments of yellow teeth in children

There are a number of factors that can cause and contribute to yellow teeth in children. The development of teeth discoloration in children may be caused by a hereditary trait, or it may be caused by various internal or external factors. Listed below are some of the causes and treatments for yellow teeth in children.

  • Thin Enamel – Thin enamel is one of the most commonly misdiagnosed causes of yellow teeth in children. The enamel is the most outer layer of the tooth, and it is also what gives the tooth its white color. The dentin is inside the enamel, has a slight yellow color, and is very sensitive to cold and heat. There are some children whose enamel may be worn down because of drinking drinks that are carbonated, brushing too hard, or even eating certain foods; on the other hand, other children have naturally thin enamel. In these cases, there is no actual yellow stain on the teeth, but the color of the dentin is actually being reflected through the enamel. There is no known treatment for this cause of yellow teeth in children; however, if the teeth become too sensitive, it will have to be fitted with a dental crown.
  • Stains – Another common cause of yellow teeth in children is poor dental hygiene, which will result in the development of stains on their teeth. If children do not take good care of their teeth, their teeth will be covered with calculus, plaque and tartar. This is particularly seen in those children that wear dental braces, as it can be quite difficult at times to maintain proper dental hygiene while wearing braces. In these cases, brushing only twice daily will not treat yellow teeth in children. Children will have to make regular checkups to the dentist, in order to get the tartar and plaque buildup removed from the surface of their teeth. Children who are engaged in orthodontic treatment are required to visit the dentist on a regular basis and take special care of their teeth, or else they will end up with tooth decay which can lead to other dental problems.

Medications – There are certain types of medications that can cause yellow teeth in children. This will result in either external or internal staining of their teeth, which could be in the form of black spots on the teeth or yellowing of the teeth. One medication that commonly causes yellow teeth in children is tetracycline. This is a type of antibiotic, which is used in treating several diseases; however, one of its primary side effects is the development of yellow teeth in children.