Baby teething rings and teething

How to choose teething ring?

When we talk about teething, teething rings come to practically every mum’s mind as they are thought to be invaluable for many children during this time. There are a lot accessories of this kind to choose from in the market.
Certainly it is a good idea to choose a product of reliable companies manufacturing accessories for children. A teething ring should have all the necessary approvals and certificates, which will clearly show that it is durable and made of safe materials. A teething ring must also be made of such raw materials which will help to keep it clean – after all, it gets to your baby’s mouth. For this reason, a teething ring should be regularly washed and occasionally boiled.

baby teething rings

Types of teething rings

It is worth buying a stock of various types of teething rings, since the child will undoubtedly select the one that suits him best. It will also depend on his current needs. When the gums are very tumid and extremely painful, your baby will certainty need a cooling teething ring. Products of this kind are usually filled with water or a special gel. Before giving them to your baby, you need to slightly cool them in the refrigerator or cold water. Such teething rings, by the pressure of the gums, also help the little tooth to get through and in this way they reduce the painful discomfort, because it is this discomfort that is burdensome when the tooth has not yet emerged through the gum.

Another kind of a teething ring will be useful when your baby suffers from a persistent itching gum and wants to hold something in his hand. Such products are flexible, not very hard and durable to withstand the pressure of the gums. Teething rings do not have to be smooth – often various edgings will give your baby a relief in case of itching gums.

Each child will like a teething ring that is light and easy to grab and hold. You should remember about this during shopping. Is the appearance of the teething ring and its form important? Of course. There are not only typical teething rings, filled with water, but also booklet teething rings, teething rings with a rattle or dummy-shaped teething rings. Coloured accessories encourage the baby to use them, because they attract attention and do not bore him too quickly, and additionally they stimulate the baby’s development, e.g. perceiving colours by the baby