I am passionate about online marketing and search engine optimization, web developer by profession having 10+ years of experience, worked for several IT companies in middle east, spent over 8 years in Dubai served as technical project manager, social media marketing manager and chief technology officer. 2 years back i skip my job and started working for myself as full time internet marketer. I own couple of dozen websites based on variety of niches in health and fitness, internet marketing and social media.

I built this website to provide answers of commonly asked questions by several thousand people in teeth niche, i did some research on what information people are seeking in this niche then i managed to have joint venture with couple of dentists and medical students to write for my website and provide answers of commonly asked questions. This website is providing useful information about teeth, yellow teeth causes and home remedies for teeth whitening. If you would like to join us in this venture you are welcome to contact us anytime.